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Just a glass doll
I can break so easily
Can't you love me?
Don't cast your stones at me
Sit in silence
My thoughts are too extreme
can't tolerate, I suffocate
it's so exhausting

Keep Quiet!
Can't you see reality?
If I stopped my thoughts
maybe you'd love me

I see a part of you
that wants to be near me
And I see a part of you
that's so intrigued
I know it scares you
that I'm so far away
but you can join me
a place of no time or space
I can pretend...
that I'm just like the other girls
I can pretend...
my mind is simple, vauge, not desolate
I'll be your mindless doll
so easy to forget

I'll kill the magick, kill the passion, kill my soul, kill my dreams
Is that what you want?
The death of me?
Keep quiet... can't you see reality?
That would be THE DEATH OF ME!