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Somebodies holiday.

I can see the wall
And I can see you running
I can feel the impact
It's sad but true
Maybe you will see
The trees but not the forest
The cover of a book
But no page at all

Easter basket had a journal in it. That's what the sticker said anyway. It looks nice, but it's yellow. I hate yellow, makes my eyes hurt. I guess I'm just lucky it's fairly muted so while it still hurts, it's tolerable and I can look at the outside without much in the way of problems. I'll probably use it. Mercury flavored out-book. Would work better than the random crap in the notebook I have. Write in it from the back page to the front. Because I'm confusing and it's easier than writing on just whatever pages I open it to. That's what I was doing with the other notebook. I need to remember to buy a tiny notepad for game notes 'n stuff and Akira. Was half-watching it at the mercury on friday. Looks fucking awesome and I'd like to be able to understand it more. Cuz, you know, it's kinda hard to see and understand a movie inside a club when you can't hear or see what is being said and you're just catching glimpses of it out of the corner of your eye. Some of the tv's have subtitles, but not the big front screen and not the one I was able to see. When I first noticed it, it was when one of the people, uh, one of the main dudes I think, fall through the floor and you saw all his insides fall out. And then it flashed over to it being a trip (I think, like I said, I don't know what was going on so don't quote me on it). That made me 'holy crap, if I can find out what this movie is I'm buying it.' Layton went and asked deja after that. Must have it. And I probably suck for never having been able to see it before. Anyway, next time I'm out with money I have to go hunt it down.

On the way home layton's car did a really good job of playing blowgun blitz. It got a high score of 34 points and got one dart to grab 8 balls. I just sat and watched it hoping that maybe it would get a score of 40 before we got back to my house. No such luck. Oh well.

Saw christina yesterday. Went to the belly dance thing up at the moonraker again. It was fun. I want to see the hands of kali again. Somehow the subject of her dad came up and I couldn't stop laughing it was so weird. Thought I was going to die.

Have given myself a jelly bean sugar high and now my head hurts. Have nothing better to do though. Soooo bored. No one to entertain me. *sigh*

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