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I want to see if I can finish it again before the 25th. Under two weeks would be even better.
Hahahahaha. Yeah, don't think so. I'd be surprised if I even get halfway through it by that point now.

Yesterday I asked layton to get me a game before we went to seattle and the mercury so that I wouldn't spend all my time there feeling bored and sorry for myself. Went to gamestop first, they had NOTHING!!! So then I suggested target, sort of off handed. They had nothing too. Well, not entirely true. They had one thing. Chocobo tales. Soooo I got that and now I'm glued to it. It's totally neat. Some of the stories and games are hella hard though. O.o Holy crap. ^_^ The card game part is so much fun. It would be neat if I could play it against a non-computer player, but that I think, would require me to have internetz that is wi-fi enabled or another person with it. Told my mom she should get it. I think she'd like it. She had fun with the 3 games I was able to send her.

Eryc asked me if I was getting pokemon and told me if I did, get pearl so he could trade with me. Told him "Not gonna happen, but you would be able to with james." I guess that was fairly acceptable to him. He said something along the lines of 'cool.' Everyone is going to get diamond. Dunno why. What is so great about diamonds? They're so overrated it's not even funny. Or maybe it is, just a little. But not to me.

Picture of the day: Pikachu-Boy