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I don't know where to put this. For now it's going in here until I decide otherwise. Just not sure if I want anyone to read it. That's a lie. I am quite sure I don't want anyone to read it, so I'm just unsure why it's here. So if your name starts with any letter a through z, stop reading.

I've been fighting with this stupid crap-depression for the past week. Maybe longer. I want out. Want to destroy pieces of myself, but I'm still waiting for those last ones to heal. Times like this make me wish I had that invisible band aid. Everyone would hate me if I did though. I'd probably hate myself more too.

James asked me last week to go to sakura-con. Told him no. I have nowhere to stay, no way to pay and I refuse to impose myself upon anyone. He also asked me last month to do something else, and I agreed, but I'm quite sure it won't happen. He forgets a lot of things when it's not happening right away or something he's super excited for. Actually I'm sure that's not true, because everyone does that when it involves me. I'm a very easily forgotten person. Not very fun to be around either, probably why I'm so oft forgotten. If it weren't for layton I probably wouldn't have any sort of anything at all. He's probably the only reason I see people as it is. He's the reason I saw christina sunday, and he's the reason I leave my house on weekends, even when I would prefer to stay home. I don't have the energy to make plans to see people and hang out. Too easily accepting of failure. Must suck to be me.

I've started replaying twilight princess again. This time I'm going through it with a guide. See what all I missed out on the first time through, so far, apparently quite a bit.

Layton got the open door for me yesterday. It's nice. Lot of alcoholism though?

He also ate all my ice cream.


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