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If there is one deadly sin that I loath it's pride (vanity and narcissism). It causes me to be overcome with wrath. Hate it. I mean, on some people vanity looks good IF that person can manage to keep it in check, but most people don't and it's just disgusting and makes me want to kick their faces in. Like one chick layton has on myspace. Every day 3 to 5 times, maybe even more she sends out bulletins saying, "Comment on my pictures." "OMG, why aren't you people commenting. Pc4pc." "I'm going to bed now when I wake up I want to see more comments on my pictures." It's fucking insane. If I ever tried that I would get slapped. Envy is the nicest, lust the most fun. Envy I've always liked though, for more personal reasons. Gluttony can also be icky when it's over food and you don't keep it in check. Excessively fat people disgust me, and not genetic fat either. Like fat-fat. 350+. Over material things I'm fine with it. Wrath can be funny in the right time and place, greed over financial things fine, food yuck... but then that turns it into gluttony... and that leaves sloth. Nope, no problem with sloth when it's kept clean.

I was going through my cd's today and found some CoF I've not listened to in awhile and I'm feeling fairly over-energized right now so I thought it would be nice to listen to. :)

Layton is a phone thief. James gave him my phone yesterday when I wouldn't take it and layton never took it out of his pocket when we got back to my house. I am now phoneless.

Still missing one of my ds game cases. Makes me non-happy. It has mario 64 and lunar dragon song in it. Would like to find it so I can put the games back in their cases, but I'm not sure where to look for it. My room is so messy and it seems like every time I try to clean the mess up it just gets worse. Annoys the hell outta me.

Very early this morning I woke up and saw a man in my room. He was looking through my game drawer. It was weird. He looked at me and I think he was kinda mad over something... I don't know what. Perhaps over my waking up because when I turned my head away from him for a moment and then looked back he was gone. Oh well. Long time since anything like that has happened to me.

Picture of the day: -Pearl of sea-