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Layton and I have gotten into this fight so many times it's not funny anymore. I've told him if he's going to do something that I want him to talk to me about it first. Once again, he didn't and it all ended up fucked up. I asked him if he would get me something to eat, I've been going in and out of hunger pains all day and haven't eaten, he said no and so I figured that was the end of it. No. Apparently it wasn't and he got me something I didn't want. I just don't get why he can't talk to me about things. Upsetting enough that I almost started crying at the gas station over it. Shit like that is why I tell him not to get me things.

Visited james today. That was pretty nice. Watched him finish god of war 2.

Haven't eaten today. Don't think I will end up doing so. Just not hungry. Any that I was passed while I was out.

Picture of the day: bizarre