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Well yay. I finished FF3 this morning. :) Picked up trace memory again after. Finally got around to getting it from mom who I don't think is ever going to finish it despite the fact that it is only about 8 or so hours long depending on how thorough you're trying to be. I'd like it if there were more games like it.

Finley is borrowing the 64 right now.

I found out an interesting thing about my alarm clock today. It's not possible to sleep through it, duh carrie. But wait, that's not it! I discovered that it's fairly easy to ignore if you pay attention to it. It's when you start ignoring that annoying beeping and trying to go deeper into sleep that it'll wake you up. It's like... if you meditate on the beeping it's fine and you can continue on your mindless journey through the other worlds. :P Pretty fucking stupid but due to that discovery I managed to ignore it for a whole 10 minutes before I decided that I really needed to get up and take a shower. That is why it was on in the first place, to get me out of bed. Defeats the purpose to do otherwise.

Internet is starting to go all skittish on me. Wonder if layton is in seattle yet. Maybe. I'm not going today because I don't feel like dealing with people and their shit. When I got out I go out to escape the stress I'm having at home. To have fun. I DON'T go out to have people harass me and tell me I'm stupid, doing things wrong, to have you invade my personal space or any other shit like that. Because frankly, I don't give a flying fuck. People like you are the reason people like me need medication.

Picture of the day: desen 8