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Score one for me.

Layton didn't buy me anything. Cool beans. I'm still not totally happy with him for abandoning me, but that's life and that's layton.

Yesterday night we picked up james and went to the noc again. It was fun. On the way home we got stuck. Was a really bad accident that caused a bunch of other accidents and everything was stopped forever. Almost 2 hours. Didn't get home until 4ish. James freaked out that something bad was going to happen while layton walked around outside. I was in and out a couple times before I fell asleep. It was so exciting. O.O

At the noc noc I talked to james about that problem I recently had. He didn't really react to it which was nice because I thought he was going to get really upset or something. He has for less. Had to give him the long-winded story of everything when the short one wasn't enough. The simplest explanation I think I can give is I don't like liars, I don't like it when people don't respect me, my property and the rules I set for both. Stress piled on top of upset moods piled on top of insanity. It just doesn't work. I've been having a truly insane month.

Layton got me a paper today at my request, hope he doesn't forget to get one again tomorrow, and inside I found this story. It's gone into my dusty box.

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