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Agh... I feel grimy. Still. Except now it's worse because I feel dry too. Took a shower tonight and plan to take a very long bath tomorrow. If I can fit it in anyway. Between the long sleep I hope to get (sleep has been terrible the past two weeks), laundry and mom is starting her week or so of full day workings so I have to make dinner. 20 bucks a day, not bad so I agreed under her stipulation that I make what she wants me to. Don't get to make my own shit. That's going to mean something a helluva lot more complex than I want to do and it'll take a couple hours.

Got a lot more done at james house today. Probably because he was actually serious about it today, unlike yesterday when he just wanted to mope, can't say I blame him though. Bad shit man. Killed two spiders and got dust everywhere. Dusty dust. Yucky dust. Just thinking about the dust makes me cringe and glad I don't have allergies. :) Brought a few of his old clothes home with me to wash and donate to goodwill. Asked my brother if he liked anything, and he seemed to really like the sweatshirt thing. Black and red, I always thought it looked nice. Cleaning out james' room has made me think that I really should clean out my own. But whenever I look at mine, I'm kinda at a loss...

I also saw his dad again, and had a little panic at first. But then he said god bless and I got over it almost instantly. Really don't like it when people say that to me. Have to try really hard not to be rude and flinch at it. Hurts man. Really :|

When layton came to pick me up we all went out to subway. James said he was sick of cleaning and wanted to go out to eat. Layton went through a vast long (not really) list of places, with me occasionally making smart-ass comments about starbucks and passing bar restaurants, before james said subway was ok. Called roz while we were there and asked if she wanted his guitar and amp. She said yes, and that more music stuff was always good, before talking to layton. She asked him if we were going to be up in seattle this weekend, and he had to ask me if we were because apparently he forgot what he told me. No. I felt like an ass having to say that because I know roz really wants to go to the mercury and, apparently she really wants to go with layton and I. Layton told her, if she really wants to do that she can wait a week. We'll be up there st. pat's weekend with the rest of the world. I think she said ok, but I'll bet she won't really. :p Would be shocked if she didn't. Went to top foods after that and I managed to forget that I used up all the bread making turkey sandwiches for james and layton today and that I needed to pick up more. I'm still breadless, and we were at the god damned store. Fuck my stupid head.

There's a 7up commercial on tv. I have a box under my bed with some. Hmmm... Forgot about those.

If I could make AMV's I would probably make one of Rule of Rose with The Birthday Massacre's Lover's End. Was totally listening to it on my walk down there thinking how perfect it was. That and Violet. I am so fucking in love with that game. But I can't, don't and won't. No real losses.

Oh, and happy birthday to elizabeth who turned 20 today.

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