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I'm tired now. Want to go to sleep, but it's a bit early for me. Suppose I should try anyway since I'm going to be up fairly early and probably back down to james' tomorrow. Help him with his stuff again since him and his dad got bad news, were half kicked out of the place. Ceiling mold. Have to relocate before monday. I took a couple storage buckets down there for him to put stuff into. When layton got off work, we all went and looked at riverwood. They were just closing the office, but the lady there explained how everything worked and said they (james and layton) could come back tomorrow or something...

I don't like irony. It's funny, but rather frustrating. All you have to do is dislodge one tiny stupid and seemingly insignificant rock, and the entire mountainside ends up coming down with it. *sigh*

Positive-negative past-future. It's easiest just living in the present. Moment to moment.

Plus the cards are telling me bad shit about the future again.

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