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Went out. Did stuff. Blah, blah, blah.

Went with james and layton to look at waterford at the lakes apartments. The place was nice enough, but a bit out of the way. There were a lot of mexican people walking around. Actually... it appeared to be all. Oh wait no! Did see one black guy. :) Was too empty for being a sunday and 3 in the afternoon and that bothered me somewhat. No kids...

After that we all stopped at jack in the box to get something to eat and then to fred meyer so james could get some boots. While there I kinda started going down and layton, in turn, almost bought me season one of the addams family. I had to go bolting after him to stop it. I've told him it's fine to do that, but he was doing it for the wrong reason. If he buys me stuff every time I'm down he'll be broke in a week, plus it's encouraging bad behavior, both in him and in me. Think it's nice that he thought of me and wanted to cheer me up, but that's just baaad. OH! And james found a bluegrass tribute to metallica. Fucking terrible sounding, fucking hilarious. I couldn't even recognize the songs that they were doing tribute to. Mind boggling.

Also finished rule of rose with the happy ending today. And it was so sad! I thought it was happier just murdering the dude versus letting him commit suicide and then locking brown up in a shed. :'( Understand the symbolism and all, keeping your memories safe, but I just saw it as her condemning brown to death. (it was all in her head, it was all in her head) But that was the only way to get the 4 leaf clover key so I did it, have it now and can start all over to get the costumes in the 4 leaf room. ^_^

CGI Turtles? No thx. Looks dum. Wayans brothers remaking the Munsters? No thx. Sounds shitty.

Front computer somehow acquired a trojan sometime between my using of it and my brothers usage. Can't get it off so I'm using mom's laptop for the time being until it gets cleaned. Again. *sigh*

Cryshade is sleeping in the chair next to me. He's so cute and fluffy. Doesn't often do that, he hates sitting next to me for whatever reason, (maybe because I'm so fidgety?) and it's nice to be able to just reach over and scratch him on the tummy if I want. Love my kitty.

Oh, and tomorrow is free comic book day. OMG!!!

Picture of the day: en route