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I finished rule of rose. It was with the sad ending, but I can still change that and get the 4 leaf room key. ^_^ Also, reading through one of the boards over it, I realized I missed so much stuff even though I tried to be somewhat thorough.

Layton also got me a giant book from barnes and noble when we picked up james from work. The world of the dark crystal. I never realized brian froud was a part of that. Neat! I love the dark crystal so much.

Layton annoyed me very early this morning. He sent me a text around 1:30, 2ish saying that he hated himself and I thought something bad had happened. Called him 8 times before he answered at 4. Was freaking out thinking he got pulled over driving home drunk, got into an accident driving home drunk, somehow got himself banned from the merc, and on and on and on. And then when he finally did answer and told me nothing happened I got super peeved because everything was fine and I was up for 2 hours freaking out. When he came over later though he brought me over 12 eggs and I had to stop being mad and laugh. I've been telling him I want eggs, but I meant cadbury eggs. Didn't think he would take me literally, cuz I don't need egg-eggs. We have enough of those.

Picture of the day: What is dat?