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Just shoot me.

Oh woe be me for I cannot breath AND THIS HAS TO BE A HUGE FUCKING JOKE BEING PLAYED ON ME BY THE COSMOS. This is the THIRD FUCKING TIME that I've become sick, SECOND in just as many months. Called my mommy at work and asked her to make a doctors appointment for me to get some antibiotics or something because I. Am. Fucking. Done. I AIN'T TAKIN' THIS SHIT NO MO. She asked if I wanted to call them because they like to talk to me and 'find out the symptoms' to which I responded with a big fat 'No'. I'm not dealing well with anyone or anything right now. Very very irritating. You want fucking symptoms? I'll give you the fucking symptoms. I'M JUST SICK!!! Stuffy face, brains leaking out my nose, causing a swollen throat and breathing to be very labored. Almost lacking. I can't even sneeze! :'( I think that this means there is no fucking way in hell that I am going out today. Wonder what layton is going to say... Anyway, I woke up this morning and my eyes were watering terribly (hey, maybe that's another symptom?) and my throat was poofy so I drank a can of carbonated lemon-lime stuff and wandered downstairs to get a stupid fucking popsicle. They have made me feel a little bit better I guess.

Heh. Maybe this constant recurring illness has something to do with my immune system of an aids person thing.

I think I'm going to go collect the mail, watch escaflowne again and then possibly go weep at my terrible plight. Well, maybe.

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