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Put up for James

Ok, so this is what happens when you take a railroad spike to your wii-mote. That's what he said he did anyway. The only thing that was left intact, besides the battery back, were the buttons. He even cracked the circut board in half. Asked if I could make something out of the A and the D pad, so I'll try. Sugguested buttons when he didn't give me any ideas, and then he said he was thinking about a necklace. I'm trying to figure out what I can do with the A without inflicting damage upon it. Don't want to poke ANY holes in it unless there is no way I can get around it. Think I have a pretty good idea in mind if I can get into my dad's wire collection. AAAAAAANNNNNNNNNDDDDDDD for the time being, until he buys a new remote, he's using one of the 3 I have. So far it's working fine from what I saw, and he promises not to break it.

Before I changed the coloring to indoor lighting.
Blurry!  Oh how artistic of me.  *eyeroll*
Blurry james.  Not very artistic, just bad/lacking indoor lighting.
And for some odd reason he felt the need to take a couple of me
God damn my stupid fuzzy head.  And damn my colorless eyes too.  It's evil I tell you.
Side view!