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Feb. 17th, 2007

En Garde! - Self Defense for the Unarmed Gentleman

February 17th, 2007

Have you ever been challenged to a duel, only to find yourself carrying neither pistol nor sword? I’m quite confident that most of us have. Steampunk is, after all, a rather controversial subject (see post on “The Cassettes”)!

Regardless of past violent encounters, we can all enjoy this fabulously illustrated and written excerpt from a 1901 edition of Pearson’s Magazine. With nothing more than your trusty umbrella or walking stick (which no self respecting gentleman would be caught without), you can easily conquer your foe with a quick series of delightfully elegant maneuvers. Heck, with the moves presented here you could turn yourself into a Victorian John Steed!

Hmm, anybody care to take the idea of “The Steampunk Avengers” further? Seems like it could be a rather smooth adaptation…

Thanks to Tinkergirl for the link, and to Wired News for bringing the page to her attention.