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How. Very. Pleasant.

There is NOWHERE I can escape from my family. It's all stupid melissa's fault. I hate her! For whatever reason she felt the need to get a myspace profile and then sent my mom an invite. I walked up behind mom right as she was reading the email. So now I have to either severely censor my profile, put parent buffers up, or privatize it. Right now it's going temporarily private. I'm just fucking stumped in that department...

Fuck it. It needs a severe write-over anyway.

Anyway, moving on. Went to lunch with mom today for some internet marketing thing. Wasn't so bad, got a free organizer that is 'msrp $50'. Basically cheap... ish. At the end, the guy who checked us in walked up to us and said "Carrie, where is your tag?" It was funny. He remembered my name which was kind of a shock since no one else in the world can. He said that he remembered it by putting a black dot on a white piece of paper. Don't know how that works out, but maybe it has some significance I (apparently) don't know about. When we walked in he heard my music and was sort of dancing to it. Weird dude, kinda funny though. There is a follow up one, but I don't think mom or I are going to be able to go, even though she wants to.

Sort of tried to look at apartments online earlier. Only worked so well. Found little nothing. :| I want to stay close to my kitty. James wants to stay in kent and on a busline. Layton wants... well, I don't know what layton wants. Layton doesn't want to talk to me about anything in regards to it because it's 'preassure.'

Picture of the day: Little Drummer Boy