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I am fuck, yay

I think I've been talking too many quizzes. Oh... so... bored... Anyway, I'm back from sylvan now, yay. It wasn't as bad as it could have been, found out that I've gone up a level and a half or so in math. Now I'm according to them at the 7th-ish grade level. Yay. To tell you the truth, I couldn't care less, I really couldn't. All I want is to be able to finish getting my god damn ged... eventually. I actually got in the mood to play my guitar earlier. Hooray for me. I hate the fact that I suck so bad at it, and I know, I shouldn't complain with how often I play it. Need to learn 1979, Bullet with Butterfly Wings, Sweet Dreams, and Smells Like Teen Spirit for starters. Oh, and I need to finish Otherside. I should know Teen Spirit by now but I just stopped playing, lost the simple tab, and my hands went back to not being able to twist the way that is needed. Blech. I suck. Period. And I'm stupid too. Can't even learn to play my god damn guitar. And being forced to look at tabs upside down doesn't help me any. I am constantly forgetting what way they're supposed to go. *sigh* Shut up carrie, shut up and quit complaining. Shut up, shut up, shut up. Heh, I suppose I should go back to twisting my hands into horribly painful and uncomfortable positions. Um, why am I so pessimistic?

you're fuck.

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