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Visiting james today was fun. I got to watch him finish god of war. Was interesting. :) Told him about the aqua teen terrorist thing. Some people are way too uptight. I was surprised at how long it took him to call about it after I left. ^_^ It sounds ridiculous, and then you see it, and it's dumbfounding. How the hell could light brights in the shape of Err and Ignignoct be confused with terrorism? Well, at least they got what they wanted. Everyone now knows about aqua teen hunger force. *eyeroll*

Talked with him a bit about moving. I have been trying to get someone to talk to someone, but it's not happening. Don't want to mediate. Ever. I have to do that enough between layton and my mom. James told me that he wasn't looking forward to the conversation he would have to have with his dad. Can't say I blame him.

The house smells like death-cookies. Mom thinks a rat died around the heating vents or something.

Still no real word on if layton is working saturday. Sucks if he does, sucks if he doesn't.

Picture of the day: Drowned Woman's Memory