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Yeah, back to normal now. Able to give layton hugs and stuff with no real problems. Everything is fine. Still not talking well, but I don't expect anything of that. He got me a pizza yesterday. Nice pizza. Was very good. Hopefully, if layton and I end up going to the mercury this friday... things won't get weird. Tried to call roz yesterday, see if she was up and around because I wanted to give her my cat ears for eryc since layton wasn't, and still isn't, sure if he will be working saturday.


Supposed to visit james tomorrow.
Was hoping to get a ride from my mom, but she's not coming home after work.
Finished the sock thing, so now I can move on to something else.
Like a book maybe!
Need to locate war of the worlds, went missing soon after I got it.
Hope to see christina this weekend too.
Would be awesome since it's been a bit.
Oh and trax is... closed/closing?

Picture of the day: Arucard Hellsing Cosplay - 3