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Everything that has been happening over the past few days. Forget it. I'm just going to ask him how I'm supposed to act, try and be the demure and submitting lady that every man loves and fuck the rest. Yes sir, right away ma'm. *curtsy* and be off. I'm tired, I'm stressed and I'll kick anyone in the nuts who annoys me, I don't care how little. Or happen ye be female, I'll just break your kneecaps with a nice baseball bat.

I can't find my cell phone. It's in my bag... and I don't know where my bag is. Tossed it somewhere in my room yesterday and it poofed from there. Err... I'm fucking stupid. *sigh* Hands are super frozen cold, making it hard to type as quickly as I normally do.

Drinking a can of V8 since supposedly it has 2 full servings of veggies per and right now that's the closest I'm going to be able to get to food. Everything around here just looks... eh. Completely unappetizing. Probably has something to do with the fact that my dad is a health food nut. He can't even buy normal lays, ruffles or whatever-the-hell-else chips. V8. At least it's something. And don't get me wrong, it's good to be healthy, but he's a fucking psycho about it. No ramen, don't think my mom buys campbells soups anymore except to use for cooking, non-homo milk makes very sick, chips taste like dried potatoes (and if I wanted a dried potato I would make one myself), plastic gives you cancer, soy makes you diabetic, the fruit has to be charcoal washed for half an hour (and that smell is slightly nauseating, finley moronically calls it bleaching), blah, blah, all stuff I've gotten pissed over before. You know, I think a deluxe veggie pizza from papa murphy's would be pretty nice about now. Come to think of it... they don't even get pizza anymore. Fucking tragic. :'(

Played some elebits with my mom earlier, before she left for work. That was fun. She got great amusement from tearing the rooms apart and just tossing everything everywhere. She asked me if I saw the bodies exibit, saw something... the ticket I guess, and asked how it was. I told her it was nice and that if she wanted to I, and layton unless it were during the day, would go with her.

Uh, and I don't know what else to say. I'm just err. Am sure I'll find something later. Now I should probably sew or read books. Lots of sewing before dark comes and I'm ducked again. :) He still needs ears, arms and his legs have holes. The cold hands is going to make stabbing myself a problem... Wait, where is the black thread? Dammit. My mom gave me permission to use finley's socks to make stuff. Might have to do that since he doesn't pick them up. Probably will once I feel more confidant making them without instructions or patterns.

Picture of the day: Flowers VIII


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Jan. 31st, 2007 08:29 am (UTC)
Just talk to Layton about what's bothering you. Don't ask him what he wants you be.
Feb. 1st, 2007 12:46 am (UTC)
I try and it doesn't seem to work. :( He gets angry when I do and it causes bad chain reactions.
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