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Jan. 18th, 2007

Wow, I can't believe I didn't realize all that was happening tomorrow. Friday. Damn. O.O I mean, it was there in the back of my head, but for some odd reason I had 2 or 3 fridays going on in a row up there. Crazy. Anyway, tomorrow I'm supposed to visit james, layton will pick me up and we'll go to seattle, to the mercury and then possibly the blacklight opening thing. Maybe. Layton just really wants to go to the mercury. I just love how forgetful I've been of late, piling things on top of other things and forgetting which comes first. I really need to get a palm thing again, like I had in high school, because my brain has seriously gone to shit and it's no longer funny.

Abney park is going to be playing at hells kitchen on the 8th of february. I reeeelly wanna go see them, but it's on a thursday so layton doesn't, and they just had stolen babies cancel on them. It currently looks like this.
Stolen babies has canceled this tour, and we need another act with a SIMILAR VIBE to go on this bill. Any Ideas? If you have a band that might fit, email me at: robert at Abney Park dot com with a link to were I can hear your music and an honest guess as to what you will draw in Tacoma on a Thursday Night.

We will also consider other acts, such as Burlesques or Belly Dancing troupes, or fire breathers, etc

I swear I will die if I can't see abney park. : | I'm not sure how many shows they're going to be playing here in washington, the last one was in olympia and on the day the vogue was closing so that wasn't going to happen, before that it was mechafest and I-don't-know-where-else-but-they-weren't-here-for-years (I think), before going somewhere else. Seattle based, but they haven't been here lately. Been in california.

And in other news, I'm no good at small talk.

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