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Goddamn... another one bites the dust...

This time it's a writer. Robert Anton Wilson.

Not so much sleeping, went to bed at 4 and was awoke by numerous different people, first by layton at 7ish I think, who wasn't sure if he would have to work and later had to (he called and left message on my phone since I passed out on it so the call didn't come through). Second and next at 10 it was by todd barking, my mom leaving and finley and riley running around downstairs and screaming. I swear they are 6 sometimes, not 16. Third time it was by layton again calling me on his lunch break. He did that yesterday too. Anyway, I haven't gotten too terribly much sleep today. Been drifting in and out of nap states between phone calls and reading. After layton's call I read a bit and then came downstairs where I am now residing butt planted firmly in front of the computer.

Snow is slowly going away. I really need to get out and take more pictures before it goes much more. Guess it was the batteries on my camera that were crapping out on me because I used the new ones and they worked amazingly. I was able to take 243 pictures out in my wanderings. Most of which were complete and utter shit, but it was the middle of the night so I could expect no less. Probably could have taken more than 300 if I hadn't wanted to get back home. And there was no corridor-parking-lot-cars on the side of the corridor. Damn the city and their damned snow plows. Argh.

It's kinda funny, the sky is clear and blue, icicles hanging off the electric wires and the wind... the wind is making it look like there are flurries of snow coming from nowhere.

I guess I'll try and put some pictures up periodically. A little at a time after I take more and finish sorting through them all and resizing what I want to put up. Take out the crap and what-nots. For now though, there is this.

Random hedge

Randomness: Free from thread