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Is it just me or is everyone dying? I swear it's like it's the new popular thing to do. Everyone should try it! :| Yvonne was so pretty. A classic beauty and one of the last of her time.

Finley's installing of a sound program fucked everything up for me today. I've been super freaked out today because of it. It hid nocharge, made it so I couldn't use it for internet, fucked up the printer and basically put the computer back into the crap-slow state it was in before mom took it to be wiped. It also fucked up the main start up screen to the point where you couldn't see the menu bar. Ended up taking it out on layton, (called him simple minded, totally uncalled for and not very true) he wasn't being very supportive or helpful, and crying a lot since there was nothing I could really do about it. Couldn't do anything. Was banging my head against a wall, my mom yelled at me to cut it out, and then layton came up all pissed as shit at me for doing it and grabbed me to make me stop. Sooo... I ended up later taking it out on my arm pretty badly. All I want to do is punch the shit out of something. Broke one of my rings slap-hitting the computer screen. Broke right in half, not that I cared. Still don't. I just really don't appriciate when the internet gets fucked up because that is almost the only the social interaction I get with the outside world.

After layton left, at 8, I went out for a walk in the almost-driving-snow to see all the stupid people driving up the corridor again. It made me feel a little bit better. I slid down a hill on my butt, slipped a little totally on accident, but it was fun. On my way back I helped push two cars up to the top of the hill. Was walking back to get my camera. Plan on going out to see if it's a parking lot again like last time, and take pictures if it is, unlike last time. Talked to mom a little and she said it wasn't, they had snow plows. I wish I had at least had my phone earlier. They had to block off the top because a truck that was towing something down got stuck. Every time it tried to move to straighten out or whatever it would slide sideways. Funny to see. Could have gotten a picture of that in the least.

I'm so god damn tired and stressed.

Watched Howls Moving Castle yesterday. Loved it. If I can find it not so expensive I'm going to get it. Visited james yesterday too. He got a PS2 and FF12. Watched him play a bit of that. Slept a bit too. I've been really tired of late. Went to the goodwill after with layton to get some ties and a couple pairs of socks. Found a shirt and a book too. If the book, the giant book of murder, isn't interesting I'm going to try and make it into a safe. Couldn't find any bigger bibles to use for it, cuz those would be perfect. Anyway, the book seems interesting enough. I'll find out for sure after reading.

Zant is now destroyed. Managed that last night too. Yay me, or something. So close... and yet so far.

Randomness of the day: Run Horsey Run


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Jan. 12th, 2007 12:22 am (UTC)
Wasn't Zant a fun fight?
Jan. 12th, 2007 06:31 am (UTC)
Oh yes, zant was EVER so much fun. :)
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