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Jan. 8th, 2007

One of my most favoritest episodes of the x-files is on right now. First Person Shooter. I'm really enjoying it. :) Female empowerment in video games and other environments that are drowning in male testosterone. That's just my stupid opinion though.

Sort of tried to make one of those stupid sock creatures today. Syd. Had to stop at the part where you need a tie. Very shortly after I started. Thought of stealing one of my brother's, but I guess he doesn't have any anymore. Layton is getting him when it's done since he picked the creature.

Visiting james tomorrow. Guess my parents were going to the temple too. I thought I was going to have to walk until I heard that. Very lucky break.

Blech, I'm tired. I'm trying to regulate my time between projects so I'm not just playing video games or sleeping all day. Want to be able to read and sew too, so I'm making an effort to take time out for it. So far... I'm terrible at it.

Oh, and I'm getting pretty close to finishing Twilight Princess. Surprise, surprise, Midna was exactly who I thought she was.

Picture of the day: the tongue always