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And I mean really write, cuz I really haven't been writing much that isn't shit, and if I don't write I won't remember. That's bad. So it's sum-up-backwards time.

Got the new wii-mote straps today. Wouldn't have if not for the fact that I'm not the only person who uses them so I don't feel like risking anything. Putting the old ones in the pieces of my life box.

Yesterday james had a day off, I went to visit him. Took all my cd's with. That was a lot of disks. Played some elebits and gave him a couple cd's for his i-pod. Elebits was fun and cute and playing with him was nice. Never get to play games with other people and that makes me sad. I'd like to do it again. Said he liked rasputina so I'm taking layton's cd's down to him next time. When layton picked me up we went to stupid prices and I found a skirt that I thought was awesome and it was 8 dollars. Got the last two that were small and while checking out we found out that when you bought one you got a second one free. Awesome surprise.

Monday roz spent the night. After she woke up, around 5 in the afternoon we all went to the goodwill where I got a bootleg tape of ringu, went to the theater to see Black Christmas with roz drunk (it was a fucking lame ass joke of a movie but the only other one roz had seen) and then to matt's house. Saw tess for a very short bit.

Sunday, new years eve, layton and I went to seattle, and the vogue for the last time. Went to twice sold tales and got 4 books, 3 for christina and 1 for myself. The war of the worlds. All the kitties there are so cute, I took pictures of them with my new phone, didn't have a regular camera or I would have used that, and put them up on myspace. Figured rain would probably appreciate them and she did. Layton got so fucking smashed it was funny. He fell over a couple times and I decided it was time to go a little after midnight. He lost the back to his phone. Met and talked to a lot of new people. Saw roz's boyfriend -(she always has half a fit when I say that and then I have to explain it, he's a boy and a friend, boyfriend, and you should never take it as anything more until it's something more for you)- and he thinks I'm crazy. Won't argue with that one because I am, but in my defense layton and I have yet to see and talk to him while sober. Anyway, the vogue was fucking packed. It was like swimming there were so many people. Total awesomeness. Towards the end of the night I started thinking, if roz had been there I might have tried to sneak her in. Just that many god damned people. Crazy.

I should read mary poppins.

Picture of the day: Eye Candy 885