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Gears and steam tickle me pink

Well... I'm not going anywhere. I'm just too shitty feeling to do anything today and I feel terrible about it. Layton and roz are up in seattle, roz spent the night last night. I couldn't get to sleep until 5 or so in the morning due to a hairball in my throat. That's what it felt like anyway. Whenever I was in a laying down position everything in my started convulsing. Could only stop coughing long enough to take short breaths. Felt terrible. Water didn't help, throat lozenges didn't help, holding my breath, ignoring it and everything else, nothing worked. Well, sitting and standing up helped, but I can't sleep like that. Got up around 330 to try and get some tea, couldn't find a cup, so I bothered my mom about it. She gave me some cough syrup. Took 3 and went to bed. It helped a little, was still coughing but everything calmed down enough inside that I was eventually able to drift off. Yay. When I woke up later though I wasn't feeling too much better. Had to stay home otherwise I would be at the vogue with layton right now. Bites so bad! :'( I've only been able to go once since I said I wanted to, for voltaire. Everything since then has been pushing up against me and telling me I can't. It's making me angry because with every day that goes by that's one day closer to the closing and one day less I can go. Fudgemuffins.

SO! Today I have spent the day sleeping, playing animal crossing, wrapping more gifts for money and watching... street fighter. Never seen it before, heard it was complete shit and it was on spike. I had to force myself not to move and it was really hard because it made me want to bang the side of my head against the corner of the stove until I passed out or was forced to go to the hospital. Terrible. Oh. So. Terrible. It was almost as bad as something Uwe Boll could make.

Picture of the day: Focus on Your Doom