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Frozen wonderland

The moon is pretty. So cold and white out. Cold I'm terribly not fond of. But the white is nice. Everything is frozen. So terribly so.

Layton doesn't have to work again tomorrow. He's going to pick up some aftershock because today I was thinking it would have been a nice idea. Coco and aftershock. Always nice

Went down to james' again last night. Spent the night, it was fun. He told me a funny story about how people are apparently breaking their tv's with the wiimotes. The wristbands are snapping. I couldn't stop laughing at the absurdity of it. I mean, you really have to huck that thing hard to get it to do something like that. And those straps aren't made to have stress put on them, they're just a reminder, don't let go of your fucking remote. He started asking if I was ok because I just couldn't stop. Watched him play zelda a little after that until I said I wanted to go to sleep, then he felt the need to turn it off. Said he didn't have to, but he wanted to anyway.

On my walk down I got to watch all the dumbasses trying to get up. Fucking retards. It ended up turning into a weird parking lot. Played in the snow on the cars (though it was too light to do anything with), a couple semi's got stuck and I saw one car fishtailing with two people trying to push it and another sitting in the middle of the road with it's engine steaming and smoking. Kinda felt sorry for all those poor bastards. But it was their fault, they were brilliant and decided that their cars could handle the steep incline in the middle of a snow storm. Two people asked if I was ok, and one, when I said where I came from, asked how bad it was up there. Told him, "Terrible."

The walk back home was equally as fun, much more icy and lucky me they had the road completely blocked off and people were forced to turn around unless they had proper road and ice gear. Very few did, all were trucks. Very good for me so if I had slipped and fell into the road, which I was walking in half the time since it wasn't slippery-frozen in the middle, I wouldn't have gotten squished and turned into cherry pie. :p Police were parked around the cars at the top, one poor person had their car broken into. Probably a good reminder to lock your valubles where they can't be seen when you're not in your car. I saw a cd case on the ground near it. When I got up to the top, layton was waiting, we stopped and watched 3 trucks trying to tow a trailerless semi. Didn't work. They got all of 3 feet. Maybe. Could have been a foot, I didn't exactly feel like whipping a measuring tape out of nothing to go up to it thing and check.

Wish my camera was working properly. If it was I would have taken it with me and taken pictures of all the bizzare things. Frozen footsteps, the cars lined up, the trucks with the trailers, and the massive massive piles of snow. Stupid fluffy crap. No good for snowpeople making, and I tried to make a tiny one. Layton laughed at it. Eenyway, everything that was stepped on is ice now. Can't go out walking unless you plan on an early death by car or coma by sidewalk. Or maybe just a really bad headache.

House is fucking freezing. May end up retiring to my room early tonight. Twilight princess! Found a bunch more bugs after I got home. Want to try and get more, and get at least half way through the water temple. I fear it less since I watched james playing in it.

Picture of the day: Seattle Snow - Lake Washington