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Well, how terribly unthrilling. Thanksgiving. I hate this. It's a boring and upsetting holiday. Actually every day that I don't get to see layton talk much with anyone is boring and upsetting. The meaning behind it is ok I guess, how it came to be, with the native americans and pilgrims all joining together to celebrate life and living (right before everything went to shit), but as with every holiday the meaning was lost and now it's become trivial and meaningless to everyone but my dad. Stuff your fucking face. No, despite what has become popular belief, thanksgiving isn't about the genocide of the native americans. That's columbus day.

I just don't want to have to eat dinner with my family. My dad has this stupid fucking ritual where he asks what everyone is thankful for. What the hell am I supposed to say? Can't say anything really. He would be completely offended by anything other than family, being alive and being christian. I ain't happy to be alive, nor that I have such a fucked up family, and last time I checked I was agnostic. What am I grateful for? My CD player and good music, people who care about me enough to talk to me (like layton and james), the computer and internet, all video game stuff, being 21 so I can get into places like the vogue and see people like voltaire (*squee*), boozes so I can get... hey! That's a great idea! Except I'm sure someone would notice me sitting at the table poking at food, smashed out of my mind. Sure fire way to get me kicked out. Anyway, he always gets so pissed at everyone's "attachment to video games." As he puts it, "You people care more about your computers and video games than you do about your family!" Idiot. That's a load of shit coming from someone who locks himself up in his room only to rant and rave about dumb shit like how 'yougurt isn't healthy' or complain about how we're all so fucked up when he comes out. There's love right there. NO THANK YOU, I'll skip that plx thx yoo. *shudders*

ANYWAY, moving on now. I saw voltaire yesterday and it was fucking awesome. Just like it was supposed to be. Layton bought a bunch of shit, the last 'what is goth' book which was signed for himself, the devils bris signed for me, and a little voltaire action figure. He also got me Emilie Autumn's Opheliac, a deluxe 2 disk cd, and voltaire made some comments about. He also said emilie stole his look. :) We then left musicwerks to put the stuff away and get pizza. And because I was having a 'terrified-of-all-the-people' attack. Stupid painful shyness. Ended up taking a shot-ish drink of layton's 40 proof something, went straight up in a matter of seconds due to the fact that all I had 'eaten' was gum, and it fucked with me the rest of the night. I started half-heaving and almost puked, but it helped me start breathing again. Smrt of me. Went back to musicwerks after and layton got another book signed for me, paint it black a gothic guide to homemaking (haha), and I was actually able to smile and say something to him, it was about my name and it takes 'like the movie (or book)' to get people to remember it thank you stephen king for that much. Roz and elfie were there, they got pictures with him. We all hung out and went up to value village after, layton needs new boots. I found a n64 bag there for two dollars and layton bought it, I'm paying him back, so I now have a place to put it away in when it's not in use (like currently). Elfie got a white scarf with a hood on it. Dropped off and waited for the bus with roz and her sister, blahblahblah, and then it was off to the vogue right as it was starting to rain. Yay. Found a dollar on the floor when we got there. The place was packed full of people and more and more just came pouring in. Had to sit down a few times due to not wanting to spill guts. A guy offered to help if I needed anything. Can't remember his name for the life of me, but it was nice of him. I got to sit up front on one of the speakers in front of the stage while he played. Good thing, didn't end up getting claustrophobic or squished. So much fun. He played a song by his oddz. Don't know what one since I don't listen to music on myspace, he thought most of the ladies there would appriciate it. I did. With where I was sitting, a camera would have been perfect. Too bad I don't currently have one. Not one that's in any useable condition anyway. The thought passed through my mind while we were there that I should have taken my mom's camera phone. Would have been a good idea anyway. Whatever. Sucks to be me.

Finley just smacked my remote against the back of the chair... shit like this is why he needs his own...

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