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It makes me want to stab at my eyeballs!

Gah! Frustration. Normally when I have a game and I get stuck and confused beyond anything and everything, I can just go look at an online guide to figure everything out. But not this time! Nu uh. No guides have been written past the forest temple. Damn me for buying a brand new game, couldn't wait a couple months. Goddamnit. Well, actually, one has been written up to the hyrulian field, but that doesn't fucking help because that's just barely past the forest temple.

Spent almost 5 hours playing today total. From midnight to 3, and then from 2 to 3 in the afternoon. Might do it again, try to figure out my stuckness, but I dunno. STUPID MIDNA YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE HELPING ME! She's so cute. ^_^

Picture of the day: Two Years Two Screens