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Not feeling so great right now. Emotionally spent. Want to cry.

Zelda is good. Wonder when phantom hourglass is supposed to come out. Would really like to get that.

X-Files has been sucking so I guess when everyone leaves I might as well go play with the wii. Made a fat midget mii today. Didn't look anything like I expected it to. Wish I could put AC on hold...

I have a tendancy to not show my excitment for things anymore. I just sort of... play everything out like I don't care because no one else seems to. Like with voltaire in seattle wednesday. My enthusiasm for that has all but died because no one is giving me a reason to feel any other way.

James said to me that the next time he gets a good day off, we should go up to seattle. That would be nice, it's been a long time since anyone has asked me to go out and do anything with them. Last time I got out to do things with anyone was halloween. Sometimes I feel like no one cares... but then I have to remind myself, if they don't, it would be my fault. People can't care unless you let them.

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