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I'm a wii-tard! It's so exciting.

Hahaha. Star trek is so cheap looking. TV land is having a marathon today. It's almost hard to believe that it spawned all that it has.

So... I got a wii today. An almost a free wii. Layton only paid 195.80 for everything. The system, zelda, red steel, and two remotes which should have been one remote and one nunchuk. How many times does that happen? I feel kinda bad about it though. I stayed up all night to get it, didn't need to, wanted to. Have never done it before. And I wasn't the only person who was of that mind frame. One guy had walked all the way up james only to find that fred meyer was doing a stupid raffle, so he walked to target and waited. And then I came after. The dude who walked up the hill was a serious star wars freak. It was really annoying. At one point he found out he could download a ringtone on his phone of vader saying "Answer your phone, it is your destiny" and felt the need to share it with EVERYONE. Didn't sleep any. Just ended up curling up inside my sleeping bag to played my ds. At 2 in the morning I half passed out, felt like a couple hours, but apparently it was only a half hour. I remember one of the guys in line saying, "It's only 2:30?!" Ugh. That was the worst. It just got slower and slower as the morning wore on. But it didn't rain! Not until late, star wars dude said it was our wake up call. My mom brought me up some food, ramen and chicken on crackers I think, and a bottle of cider 15 minutes before they opened. That was so nice of her. When I brought it home I set it up and went to pass out for a few hours while my mom and brother played wii sports. The mii's are really cute. I made an anorexic looking one. It was funny. Gonna have to get a SD memory card now for it. :)

Anyway, today was exciting and exhausting. Packed up my gamecube and now I have to move my tv so I can get into my locker thing to put it in there. I'm tired so I'll have to write more at a later time. I now have more to play. OMG, and I still have to play killer 7. Damn. I'd put away animal crossing... but I'm using that one with my mom. Have to help her pay off her mortgages. x.x

Picture of the day: My Autumn