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If I just don't move...

It hurts and it hurts and it won't stop hurting so I want to cry, but if I cry that will make it worse. So I sit and sit and ball up and lay down. Don't move much. Keep thinking, maybe it's a migraine, but I don't get migraines (to my knowledge). No one in my family does. I just know it hurts terribly above my eyes, at my temples and makes me want to faint. Oh, and I've been excessively warm. Took a couple advil's, and as usual, they aren't working. All I can do is try make the best of a bad situation.

Layton is out with roz again at a show up in seattle and I am once again stuck here at home. He brought me over some bread, milk, mint oreos that are making me want mint chocolate chip ice cream, a solid milk chocolate turkey; and spent a little over an hour playing FF XII before he leaving at 5:30. I dragged his PS2 upstairs later on in the night so that I could watch GITS SAC 2 while resting my brain-case.

Now I'm bored and trying not to get upset, because that won't solve anything.

Picture of the day: Godfather