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My brother's rat acts towards fresh fruit the way a drug addict would act towards crack. If you get his attention and he knows you have it he will reach through the bars grabbing desperately for it in an insane sort of way, for something held just out of reach. And when he is finally able to get it he runs back to his hole to hide away while devouring it. It's almost sad to watch. Poor thing gets no real attention from finley other than the occasional cage cleaning and refilling of the food and water. Every so often he will pull him out, but the poor thing is so terrified most of the time it will burrow into the nearest crevice and stay there. Sad picture.

My tea is warm, feels good to hold, and drink. My hands are freezing. The entire house is freezing. Stupid non-insulated house. Played tetris with my mom earlier, it was fun and funny. She sucks really bad but she's still a good sport about it. I did with her what I do with layton and just let things go as slow as possible, let everything happen at it's own pace. Until it starts speeding up and she ends up losing anyway. When I was talking to james earlier in the week I brought up how I kinda regret not being able to play many other games with other people. Don't like to force them to play with my sucky self because that makes it too easy. Worse than playing against a computer in most cases. Actually probably all. But I still try anyway. I'm even terrible at puzzle games, which girls are supposed to be better at than boys. Must be because of my low brain power. :)

GITS SAC 2 came yesterday I guess. Layton is going to bring it to me today. I hope it is what I expected. And it turned out posting that thing yesterday on myspace was completely pointless. Christina's numbers are the only ones I got back. Oh well. Guess that just means I won't be talking to anyone else any time soon. :P

I really need to get more steampunky clothings. I would at least be able to get more corsets. Would be nice anyway. I still have that curtain fabric layton gave me from the voting booths back from when he was still going to school. Bah. I suck.

Picture of the day: JTHM 11