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I am soooo not amused

Slowly and painfully deteriorating luck. Bad times. To the point where I expect the computer to blow up or die on me at any moment. Wasn't able to get any gloves yesterday because they were, shock, all-fucking-gone. Bookworld is closed for good due to fucking tax shit. And my phone can no longer access the internet. Every time I try it has a fatal exception and has to reset. EVERY TIME. And then there are just a bunch more tiny things that I don't even want to get into. My fist really hurts. I would happily shoot myself in the face right now if I could. Can't though so I guess I'll just have to do one better.

God how I wish I was anywhere but here right now. So I wonder what it's going to be like going out later... Probably bad.

Picture of the day: Comfort.. please.