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I come outside because I can't think inside due to all the noise, and what happens? Layton follows me out a short while later and damian starts riding around our yard in his little scooter/go-kart thingie. Now it's still noisy and I still can't think. So I've tried inside again. Nope, get distracted by finley and the tv. Stupid fucking tv. All I really watched was the grim adventures of billy and mandy because it was one I hadn't seen before, but the sound still fills up my head and makes it so I can't think. So now I'm having to take this upstairs and hope that nothing there distracts me. Dunno why it would. All I can hear up there is cars driving by on the road, and at the most, it's kinda soothing.

ANYWAY. Stuff. Had a weird week. Not much in the nice kind of weird either. I would happily forget most of it. Like allen calling, and my mom jumping on my back and being a fucking freak (totally unwarrented of course) about my cutting and then when she made me say something about that in front of a couple of my brothers friends who wouldn't understand even in the slightest. Ugh, the peaches in my pie.

Seattle and the vogue last nite was really nice, as always. And as always we couldn't stay much past midnight due to having to catch the last bus back to kent. The vogue, a wonderful cure for sadness, that some people would more than happily and rather spitefully prevent me from having/doing. Some people would rather I stayed home lonely and bored all day. Such poor, sad and selfish people... :'( Located the noc noc and somewhere else that layton was looking for. Neither were very hard to find. Would love to visit the noc noc some saturday maybe sometime next month. I'm so fucking braindead with my stupid constant forgetting of names and things. Stopped into Musicwerks and I was able to get Banned on Vulcan, and then into the aurafice to get some warm coffee since I was coldish. I'll tell him over and over, don't get me a large, but layton always orders larges for both of us, and I end up with a major bad caffeen high. So not nice. I don't know why I even bother trying to say anything at all. He'll never learn how to actually hear me when I talk and remember what I've said.

There is this really pretty blonde girl who goes to the vogue, reminds me of rebecca, who dances really nice. I really wanted to tell her that yesterday, and asked where she learned, but I also didn't want to draw attention to myself and be an idiot. Layton sort of tried to make me when I told him what I was thinking. Hate it when he does that. Makes me want to sew my mouth shut. Ok, yeah, fine. For everyone who is trying to make me admit it. I'M FUCKING SHY, happy now? Now stop trying to make me do stuff that causes me to want to shoot myself. Plx thx yoos. The bartender, who is also really pretty, during a lack of people at the bar moment got up and danced on the stage with the pole. She dances really nice too. I however, am a klutz.

Next weekend we'll probably try something new. And I hope to have the skirt that I got from the goodwill taken up by then so that I can wear it out. Would be keen-peaches. Even more keen-peaches if I didn't have to pay more than 5 bucks to have it done (if anything at all). Know a couple ladies from church, but mom has to give me email addresses. Shy factor. Can't talk to people in person, even though it's totally ok (says my mom). I hate it when people can't understand. No matter how I explain... as with everything it seems, unless you've experinced it there is no way you can ever even fathom to understand.

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