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Ugh. Friday the 13th. Normally I don't have a problem. I don't hold much into regular superstitions like that. In fact days that are supposed to be bad according to everyone are usually pretty good. But today fucking sucked. Layton tried to go to gamestop on his first break only to find out that they weren't open and see all the people waiting outside. Guess that means they didn't open until 10, which is funny because I was under the impression they opened at 9. I was waking up ever half an hour from 7 to 10:30, couldn't find a shirt, couldn't find my shoes, couldn't find a fucking ziplock sandwich baggie, still can't find my wallet and I ended up leaving my house a whole fucking 40 minutes later than I would have liked. Stupid fucking sandwich bags. On my walk out halfway down 108th I dropped my cd player which caused the half full batteries to instantly drain and make me think that it was totally busted. So I walked back to my house to make sure it was the batteries and not the disk player. Yay for me, it was. So I once again left my house. While walking down the hill I slipped quite a few times on fucking garbage, once it was a goddamn rubber medical glove, and expected every time that I was going to crack my head open on the fucking road. Oh, and while I was trying to grab a paper cd case before I left the house, I spilled beer all over my fucking sleeve of my shirt and floor. It was peaches keen. There were probably a bunch of other little things too, the things that make you want to jump in front of traffic just to stop the world from spinning, (like stupid boys screaming something sexual at you but thankfully you can't hear because the music in your head is too loud) but I've forgotten them at the moment and I hope not to remember later on.

When I was finally able to get down the hill things got a little bit better. I was able to collect myself while sitting at james'. And then the busses were all late and missing. That was so nice. Didn't end up being able to get to southcenter before layton, so I had to abandon james as soon as we got there. Blah, blah, blah. I got my cowboy bebop back, finally, which is nice. Now I can watch it again.

Was going to go to a movie today with layton before shit happened. Then I was just too tired and suggested renting something instead. I guess he was ok with that because we ended up doing exactly that. Got ultra violet, the brothers grimm and ghost of mae nak, a tartan aisa extreme film. And I bought myself a bucket of popcorn, because I think popcorn buckets are funny, though terribly more expensive. Watched the brothers grimm today because my brother wanted to see it. It was good and I enjoyed it. Layton also had lord of war from the library and watched that after we kicked finely off the tv and sent him up to my room.

Oh, but I pantsed my brother today. That was pretty funny, to me anyway. His pants were barely hanging on, I had to do it. Temptation was too hard to pass up. Mom thanked me for not taking his underwear with them, but I'm not that stupid.

Good thing I didn't stay home and dye my hair today, though it needs it terribly. I probably would have blinded myself with the dye with the way my luck was going. Have to do that next week sometime.

Picture of the day: kitten to tired...