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And livejournal is fucking up so bad on me

I got to go to value village today. Was hoping to get some gloves, but I couldn't find them until it was too late, so I'll have to go back later. Ah well. Layton found an edward scissorhands figure while looking through the kids stuff. ^_^ I've now got a little edward. Yay! Also found a purple tripp skirt. Got that too, and I now have to go though my closet and take out the stuff I don't wear anymore. Been needing to do that for awhile, but I just can't get up the guts to.

Nutcracker Museum - Taken by christina.

Nutcracker Museum Devil - Taken by christina.

Nutcracker Museum, nutcracker on the end of a matchstick - Taken by christina.

Nutcracker Museum - Taken by christina.

Killer sqiurrel, it'll eat your face.

Mushrooms!  Yum, yum.

Christina in the river

Bubbly water


Christina on the other side of the river

Center waterfall down

Center waterfall up

Sticks in the bubbly water

Fishy watery thingie

Side of the mountain

Sad burnt toothpick-trees

Rock bowl.  Saw lots of those.


Tree reflection

More water, oooo, exciting.

The tree is eating the rock.  Yum.

Picture of the day: First Try