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Keep forgetting about picture things.

Hmmm... I just realized another game that I have I could finish, not that it matters because I'm going to work on Lunar Silver so I can give it back to james. Feel bad for having kept it for so long. Then it's on to killer 7. Wheeee. As soon as I get my gamecube back from finley anyway. He's been borrowing super smash brothers from riley. And my animal crossing town is no longer perfect. I almost died when I saw that. I didn't do anything to change it other than forget to water flowers one night and the next day everyone is bitching about the tree's again. Too few this time. WHY?!?!?!?! I was doing so well and trying so hard!

Layton tried to pre-order the ps3 from gamestop, but both the one in kent and the one up by target were sold out. I forgot to tell him to try to call during his lunch break, stupid funeral procession. DAMN YOU HEARSE! *shakes fist* Uhhh... and I talked to him about pre-ordering a wii for me... but only god knows how that will work since we can't figure out when it will be. Called gamestop again to try and find out and, haha, they don't know. :| Lamesauce. All they know is that we should try back later because they're tossing around friday. So thursday would probably be a good day to try again.

Got my half-mask resperator today. Was fucking fast. Now I can run around and terrorize the neighbors, muahahaha!!!!! So I've pretty much got my 'costume' now. Yaaay!!! My mom saw it and said it was cute. That was pretty funny.

Watching the scream awards on spike tv, saw my chemical romance play. After about half of the song I had to mute it. Made me want to cry. Layton made the joke of 'don't cry emo kid.' But seriously, it was painful to listen to. :'( Can now say in all confidance that my chemical romance fucking sucks because now I've actually heard them play.

Had my hair up in a ponytail today and visited james. Normally when he comes to pick me up after that he's kinda in a bad mood for the rest of the day and it gets me really depressed. But not to-day and I figured out why. *sings* I know layton's weakness, it's when I put my hair up. Haha. >:) But don't ask me why. *cough* Tried to go by bookworld again today only to find out that they're temporarily closed. Blows.

Picture of the day: Moo