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Blargh. I feel so special. Don't know how the fuck I got home last night, except that layton was there to help. Man, I don't even think I was walking in a straight line, let alone how I was able to walk at all. Uh. It was neat! :D Except for when I puked up the couple bites of pizza. Seemed like a good thing at the time, to get/eat pizza, and then I tried to it and knew it was going to come back up. That's what I get for drinking so much though. 1 sex on the beach, half of a long island and then layton bought a bottle of champagne. Was so fucking smashed. Was a little bit of a weirdo and took some crappy pictures. They played some old betty boop cartoons on the screen, and then spirited away, I would have loved to have stayed and watched it but that's about when we left. A little after midnight. While we were in there, and I was halfway between being drunk and sober, layton told me I should go up there by myself once. My response to that was he would have to go with me twice more before the end of october.

Oh, and bela lugosi's dead, undead undead. Ok, sorry, lame. Layton got me the 75th anniversary edition of Dracula from best buy. :d Yummy. Had a thingie that would have expired today if he didn't use it. Calls 'em motivation coupons or something. He really should stop buying me stuff though, and I told him that too, but as always he didn't listen or care.

Other than that my day was pretty shitty though. Lamesauce, my horrorscope was right. My brother's douche-bag friends spent the night, woke me up 3 different times with their loud rambunctiousness and broke my chair. Was fucking pissed to all shit and back when I saw that. Didn't ask if they could borrow it, just took it, and fucking jumped on it or something causing the wood to totally crack and split on one side. I love that chair. Kept it in front of my tv for something comfy to sit in before I moved my bed. And I can't blame anyone for it. Finley didn't have any idea how it happened, and there were 5 boys... so it was everyone. That chair is irreplaceable. We all got one for christmas, elizabeth, finley and I over 7 years ago. Mine was in the best condition and of late I was getting mad at finley and yelling at him not to break it. Everyone elses had holes in it from the cats when they would go crazy. Mine was impervious. Thicker leather. Anyway, they broke it, I got pissed, called my mom and told her I was going to break finley's balls and then layton and I left. Probably a good thing because after I saw that I was going through periods of wanting to put my fist through something (or someone) and leaving to go do other stuff gave me time to cool off. Lucky me I have a crafty grandpa who's not all old, decrepit and/or dead. Mom took it over to him and he fixed it for me today. :)

When we got up to seattle layton bought some fries from mcdonalds and on our way out some homeless lady came in and asked if she could have what was left of mine. I felt so terrible because there were so few left though she couldn't see that through the bag and she was about to start crying. If had money I probably would have bought her a bunch of food.

OMFG, inside the vogue

Pplz dancing.  Wooo.

Other than that it's october 1st. 30 days till halloween and today it's rain's birthday. She got her package a couple days ago. Saw some wings that I'm hoping to get. Would be fun to get all dolled up and go to the vogue.

Picture of the day: Here it is again... O.o