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I am sooo bored right now.

Well, james agreed and now I'm sitting here watching the crap-tastic rain-weather. Just started coming down really hard a few minutes ago. Yay. Tomorrow is still being forcasted as being cloudy-weather with cold-weather, but no mention of rain. So I'll be taking him tomorrow. :) Aaaand assuming shit doesn't go bad... I'm going to make him go to the vogue with me for a couple hours. 5.50 long islands on friday. Fun stuff. I wanna see james drunk, never done that before. He's seen and heard me, and been very amused over it, but it's never been the other way around... oh wait. There was that time at matt's... but I don't know how much he drank then.

So now today I'm sitting watching the rain. My mom has left for the temple and won't be back until much later tonight. She's going with cherisse after going with my dad.

Picture of the day: out of the sludge