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Make ourselves crazy

Things are never what they seem. Images and illusions, we see the world as we want to see it, not as it really is. We look for demons where there are angels claiming that we need to control, turning friends into foes. As humans we look for hate more often than love, turning words into razor blades. When things are tried to be explained we refuse to listen, insisting that we are the right and so you cannot be. Things that should never have been seen become public knowledge when we are involved, and we then turn upon the man screaming traitor. Children are not even immune from this anymore. They are taught that no one is safe or can be trusted by watching the murders and rapes publicized on the tv. The older we become the more jaded and worn into this line of thinking. Hate you, hate me, fear the unknown and misunderstood. And nothing changes.

I think I've just been hearing too much talk radio of late... it's depressing.

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