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Yeah, so that was a fun adventure.

Wheeee. Ended up in the hospital last night. Didn't want to, but I ended up there anyway between crying about how I didn't want to and crying about how much it hurt. My mom called the consulting nurse and she said that they should call 911 and have them take me in. But she didn't, she took me in instead. Had to go to seattle to the group health up around broadway to get blood tests, and then to VMC a little further off to get a scan (and that didn't end up happening, couldn't drink that radioactive crap). And in the end they did exactly what they do every time. Telling me I everything is fine that they can see and then sending me home. Great. That's why I hate going in the first place. But I've come to the conclusion that I much prefer group health to VMC. People are nicer.

My mom was telling me how what I was doing and going through reminded her of being in labor. I kept thinking about how wonderful an idea that would be.

So I totally screwed up saturday, because of this food sick whatever, I wasn't able to go up to seattle to the show with layton. But I did get up there to a hospital. Today I've been mostly laying down and having phantom pains every so often but thankfully nothing like what I went through last night. Layton has been babying and taking care of me. So sweet of him. Went out for a bit with layton to go to top foods and we stopped by gamestop and he got killer 7 under james' recommendation and a gamestop card for each of us. Fun stuff.

Picture of the day: David Bowie

PS. Roz, layton was trying to get ahold of you today.