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Do this or die...

I am _______.
I ________ Carrie.
Carrie is _______.
Me + Carrie = _______.
I wish me and Carrie were ______.
If I were alone in a room with Carrie, I would _______.
I want Carrie to know that I __________.
I think Carrie should _________.
Carrie needs to _________.
I want to ____________ Carrie.
Carrie will ________.
Carrie reminds me of _______.
Without Carrie I would _______.
Memories of Carrie are ________.
Carrie can be __________.
The worst thing about Carrie is _________.
The best thing about Carrie is _________.
Carrie loves _________.
If I had to pick a boy-(or girl)-friend for Carrie I would pick_________.
Carrie should be _______ when she grows up.
I am ________ with Carrie.