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Not that anyone cares...

Further proof that christiantiy is a religion for the insane. Or rather half insane. Turns the men into crazy dominating pricks, most of the females seem to stay half sane for the most part. Unless they're in politics or something. All christians in politics are insane. Doesn't matter what the sex.

Lawn gnomes.

Had the idea last night to make a necklace out of the laser eye I took out of the computer cd drive. And then I realized I had a cd player I picked up and was never going to get rid of so I took that apart too. Thought I would just take it apart with a screwdriver, but I broke it so instead I got to have fun with a hammer. It was very refreshing to just sit out on the front sidewalk and bash away at it until the plastic shell had all come apart. Got the eye out of their and I've made a second one that maybe I can sell. Hope so anyway. I'd actually like to be able to sell 2 for 20 each, I wonder if that's asking too much, so that I can get this bag. I know it won't work though. Never does. So my being optimistic about that has put me in a mood and I'm not feeling very loved right now.

Miss my camera too.

Picture of the day: Dragonfly on guitar