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Aug. 20th, 2006

Ehm, yesterday was interesting I think. I got roz sapphire today as an apology for having to deal with me. Layton helped. I was only able to pay 20, the stuff I was going to put away for a computer, so he paid the rest. Went from gamestop and they didn't have it so we had to go to target. That was kind of irritating because I forced layton to walk around much more than he wanted to because of it.

She had to deal, layton had to deal, and the entire seattle had to deal, but I don't give a fuck about anyone there. Just about her and layton, shit I put them through. When I realized that I lost spooky, around 12 just before we got out of seattle, and I ehm... freaked out. Roz had to take me back to find him, screaming and crying all the way, while layton was sent back to the kent transit station to get his car. Eventually I just shut down. Went inside and let her take over.

Before then everything was fine and fun though. Aside from crystal telling layton she has decided she's not going to see tool. Doesn't want to put out the money basically. Oh, and we weren't able to get a shirt for layton, they had them last week, but this week everyone is out... so stupid. I got a couple keyboards and a cd computer drive to take apart. Roz got about half the shit out of them. Just wanted the keyboards for the keys.

I have yet to get the rest of the pictures off the computer. I'm stuck there. Bah.

Picture of the day: elevator call