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Aug. 10th, 2006

I had a baaaad morning. Woke up when I heard someone moving downstairs around 5ish. She convinced me someone was robbing the house or something and tried to tell me I should do something about it. It was rather confusing trying to think over her. Eventually I remembered everything though and rolled over to go back to sleep. Didn't work. Ever since I got off that fucking medication nothing has worked like it should. Anyway, I ended up trying to play animal crossing and eventually falling back into dreams. Wonderful fucking dreams. Burnt down my house somehow and a bunch of other shit I don't care to remember.

My cat came up and woke me up at 11, meowing at me for attention. Probably a good thing, if he hadn't I wouldn't have gotten up until after 12 and would have had to cancel on james. And that would have been really sad. Wasn't able to give him much attention before I left since I was in kind of a rush, but I tried to give him a bit.

And I left half an hour later. Tired and amazingly made-up, to cover up my tired stressedness, in about 5 minutes (so I'm sure I've looked like shit all day). Usually takes me a lot longer. Guess the river is completely closed off so I had to walk the road the entire way down. That was ok though because I got to see the river from a view I've not seen in forever. It was nice to see james and get to talk with him after I got to the point where I was ok to hear my own voice. Discussed... bum-bum-bum... death, haha. Actually it was just life in general, death, hell, mortality, immortality, crap like that. I don't understand how anyone can fear something like that. Everyone and everything does it. Can't escape it no matter how hard you try. But whatever, I'm fucked up. :) So... when the death thing came up I started joking about how when I die I'm coming back to haunt him (as a way to prove the existence of a soul or some shit like that to his atheistic ass).

Picture of the day: FF7:AC - ROAD TRIP