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I'm a stupid, stupid girl. I fucked up again and again I've made layton think that it's his fault when it wasn't. Had nothing to do with him. Not really, and I don't know how to make it up to him. He ended driving me back home, drunk, because he doesn't trust me... and he ended up backing into a telephone pole. Kept begging him to let me drive but he just couldn't.

Cried a lot last night. Fought with layton hard, hit him twice and told him he was an asshole among other things. He came home with me and spent the night after. There was a lot of bad shit going on, blood on the moon, wanted to go back to matt's when I saw that. But we didn't, and... shit happened.

And today he felt the need to make up for making me cry and being an 'asshole' so he bought me shit. Sleepy hollow, just because I noticed it, and a pocket pokedex because I thought it was funny. But after he did that I felt terrible because I had treated him so badly.

I'm a really terrible person and I don't deserve any of the shit I have.

Picture of the day: fear and loathing on the road