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Today has been nothing. So far anyway. Just been sitting listening to beethoven and thinking. Hearing it brought up a memory I had forgotten, and now it's pretty degraded but I can still remember bits and pieces. It was of a school field trip back in the day. We had gone up to see the seattle symphony play, a bunch of classical stuff I think. And of course it went over everyone's head but mine. I was the only person who managed to enjoy it. Kinda funny, but sad as well. Too mature. Always. And it made me a freak! :) Anyway, I'd like to go see them again, but I don't think I would ever be able to. Not that it really matters. Was just a thought I had.

Yesterday I sort of helped layton fix up his myspace a bit. I just pointed out where to go, what to do and what to not do. Hopefully he's learned how to read coding a little bit better now. Wanted him to do it himself because it's his page and I know how frustrated he gets when other people help too much. Gets upset and starts whining about how he's supposed to know this even when no one else on the face of the planet can do it either. Illusions of being superman something. Sometimes he can't accept his limitations. Whatever.

Spent a lot of time 'talking' to my mom this morning too. Around 1ish. She sent me a text telling me how she couldn't sleep, asking if I was still awake (of course) and asking if I wanted to talk. I said sure and blahblahblah, we did. She told me about how erin called and told her how her and jon are are going to have a baby boy and are moving. And other stuff. After I got done, 'round 2:30 I think, I remembered that I forgot about finleys rattymous again and ran downstairs to feed him. Empty... again. My dad was up and eating breakfast in the kitchen, probably thought I was nuts.

I've also been spending a lot of time babying cryshade. He's having a really bad time and it's upsetting me. Constantly coming up and crying to me when he's not outside or on my bed sleeping with me. And when I'm trying to sleep he's waking me up every hour or so with his itching and I'll have to stop him and rub where it's feeling bad so he doesn't make any more holes in his skin, or the ones he has worse. I'd give him a bath with the shampoo the vet gave me oh so long ago if I wasn't afraid of aggravating the open wounds and making him hurt worse.

Oh yeah... I think layton wanted to go see the decent today, partly for the saw III trailer (oh god, why?) but he seems to have forgotten his phone at home today... so I have no idea what is going on.

Picture of the day: SCREAM