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I'm really hating everything right now. All the animals are driving me crazy. Todd has to go out every 5 minutes, cryshade is having a reaction again and chewing away at everything and leaving tiny cuts all over his stomach, I forgot about finley's rat for a few days between the two other attention whores, and when I remembered on saturday, he was out of food and had flipped over his food dish. We are also out of milk because the heat wave over the last week apparently got into the garage fridge and spoiled the two gallons that were in there.

Layton hasn't exactly been helping either. When he comes over after work he's tired and irritable. Can't even touch him. Just have to keep telling myself it's because of his job, but it's really fucking depressing and I have to cry.

At least coraline came today. And the bracelet from arsenic fasions he ordered.

Picture of the day: Black Devil