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It's on it's way back. No energy and no motivation to do or get anything. Right now I'm just in the empty stage. Nothing seems fun. Something that I might have liked, I now look at and think, 'oh, that's nice... I guess.' And then occasionally I'll slip down further but for the most part I'm just empty. And I've asked the people who I know can to do stuff, maybe knock it out of me for a little bit, but it seems no one can. So, whatever. I'm just not going to ask anymore. It's not worth it to keep hearing no. I'll just try to work this all out on my own I guess. Or I could just wallow in my own misery. Whatever comes easier.

I got a tripod on monday. It was nice. Went out and took some pictures, most ended up being total and complete shit. It was nice to get out for a tiny bit to do something I enjoy a little for a change though. Stuck in the house a lot with my mom and brother gone to california. No motivation to leave.

Nuva ring runs out 3 weeks from the end of this one. Still no motivation.

I'm stupid and no one cares about me. There's some motivation for me to not.

Picture of the day: No One To Play With Me